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Information on various popular ERP business applications

Knowing Other Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications have been in existence for a very long time. ERP is the latest advancement. Prior to ERP there were several other enterprise applications like material resource planning and manufacturing resource planning. In addition there are some applications that assist enterprise operations but on other areas. Also you can order best moving crm.Some of the well known enterprise applications are the following:

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Management Information Systems

These systems are similar to the functioning of a computer. They are nothing but the systems that helps in processing the information or the results that are delivered by the computer. No amount of answers will be helpful unless they reach the proper person in the proper form. Management Information Systems provide the required impetus to do that.

Management Information systems are crucial to the company's information process. Their work can be compared to that of a bone that helps in binding the flesh together through its skeletal features. Management Information systems are vital for a company because they help in receipt of information not only to the proper person and in proper form but also in the proper time and at the proper place.

Management information system is that branch of engineering that deals with information technology. It involves all machines and operations that help in processing of data into information. This is important as far as the decision making process is concerned. In addition to helping with the decision making process management Information systems helps the other stakeholders namely customers or shareholders and others in eliciting the proper information. Management Information Systems helps the companies to set the directives and plan of action. They are instrumental in deciding the company's directions. Management Information Systems being a vital function its implementation must be carried on a serious mode.

Lots of research has to be done because they will be a deciding factor for the companies when it comes to the question of operations strategies. The implementation process should be monitored well. Prior to that lots of committee and subcommittees should be formed to submit recommendations and proposals. The recommendations of these committees should be viewed seriously in the long term interests of the company. Many companies commit two mistakes in this part. They don't take the views of the committee into proper consideration .Instead they continue with their own predetermined plan of action. This will not do justice to the enterprise applications.

They also resort to another malicious practice. They shuffle the committees when the work undertaken by them is halfway and or when the project is at the fag end of competition. This could only lead to adverse consequences and loss of time and money to the organization. This should never be allowed to happen irrespective of the reason for which the shuffling is made. These general rules will apply to any enterprise application integration. Enterprise application's market size is quiet promising. Management Information systems also form an important part of academics.

Integrated Information Systems

If management Information systems are the arrangement of information to facilitate decision making then information systems includes all technical aspects that help in the arrangements. These systems help the companies to arrive at the appropriate configurations and programs in order to decide the flow of action.

The function of Integrated Information systems is of great importance to the companies due to the fact that up gradation of systems and process takes place on a continual basis and intone with the market conditions. The systems and process are not new to business by any case. However they were never properly utilized for lack of technical advancements and technical difficulties. It is no secret that Integrated Information Systems have been in place for time immemorial. However the existence did not serve the purpose due to the technical difficulty explained. In the modern context no organization can think of surviving unless they are at par with the market standards in terms of technical issues. Therefore there is increasing significance in the manner in which it is received and accorded due importance in the organizations.

The role of a vendor is important in deciding the success of integrated information Systems. A vendor will be able to deal with them successfully because he has dealt with various organizations and their configurations. Therefore the vendor knows the nuances, nitty gritty in addition to the technical difficulties better than anyone else. It is of paramount importance to consider his opinion before going ahead with the implementation process and deployment. The vendor role in integrated information systems is more that that of a guide.

Executive information Systems

Executive information systems are the specialized information systems that are aimed at helping the executives of an organization in taking important managerial decisions through the information outflow. This is a system specifically designed to assist senior managers by giving the necessary facts and figures. The presentation of information will be in such a manner that they are able to grasp it immediately and progress further for actions.


Apart from the enterprise applications mentioned above corporate information Systems are vital in deciding intra information sharing within a conglomerate. Those systems help the companies in communicating things in a crisp manner. With the increasing mechanization in industries the functioning of these enterprise applications occupies prominence and significance than ever.

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